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  • Locations: La Fortuna, Costa Rica; Liberia, Costa Rica; San Jose, Costa Rica; Santa Elena, Costa Rica; Tamarindo, Costa Rica
  • Program Terms: Faculty Led
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Program Description:
Earn 3 Credits in English while visiting beautiful Costa Rica!
May 28 - June 13, 2018
Get to know locals and experts as you study the challenges facing sustainability and eco-industries in Costa Rica, with ample opportunity to experience the cloud forest, explore marine environments, and see amazing wildlife.

Villa Macondo Hostel,Tamarindo

Costa Rica is especially known for its eco-tourism, and this class will investigate the themes and issues within that topic. How is eco-tourism helping/hurting towns, villages, and cities in Costa Rica? Monteverde remains a relatively pristine wilderness with national parks and wildlife. Citizens in Tamarindo, on the other hand, worry about their home becoming "the next Cancun". Our recent faculty scouting trip taught us that being IN Costa Rica is a necessary part of the course itself. Moreever, making in-person connections with the faculty and staff of ULACIT and UCR in San Jose will help bring experts into the course in 2018. The students will be required to engage with such professors and citizen-experts in the course. Costa Rica truly exists in a "sweet spot" for student travel. on this trip, students will have access to a study-abroad experience that is relatively inexpensive, geographically close to the United States, in a very safe country with well-established infrastructures in place, and yet decidedly Central American-with different foods, music, and other forms of culture than what the students are familiar with. 

English 3001: Costa Rica in Text (CRiT)
Environmental Rhetoric and Current Issues

Objectives. Upon completion of CRiT, students will be able to do five or
more of the following:
  • Identify the impact of rhetoric on understanding of nature, science, and human well-being.
  • Engage with scholarly work about environmental issues and evaluate quality of sources.
  • Recognize and explain how the natural environment is a construct that is defined differently in different places. Identify similarities and differences in environmental crisis communication between the U.S. and Costa Rica Describe the impact of the crisis itself, and crisis communication, on citizens of both countries.
  • Identify the cultural constraints and communication problems unique to each country, and shared by both countries, that tend to exacerbate environmental crisis communication.
  • Compare two environmentally impactful phenomena that occurred in the US and CR, such as Tropical Storm Otto vs. Hurricane Katrina, or Nicaraguan border deforestation of Costa Rica compared to logging deforestation in Oregon.
  • Explain how cultural factors determine governmental and corporate response to environmental concerns.
  • Reflect on their experiences talking to native Costa Ricans about challenges in their country
Arenal Volcano
Course Fee
Included in the course fee: airfare, in-country transportation and accommodations
 Stone Spheres
Ujarras Ruins 2
Quetzal BirdPlaya Tamarindo Activities
  • During the first week, program participants will stay at the Villa Macondo Hostel in Tamarindo Costa Rica.
  • Students will participate in Spanish Instruction through the Coastal Spanish Institute.
  • While in Tamarindo students will take an excursion on the Rio Tamarindo River Boat.
  • Students will take guided nature tours through Orchid Garden and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve as well as visiting a coffee and chocolate plantation.
  • There will also be opportunities to be immersed in the culture with service projects and home stays.Margay Wild Cat
Contact Information:
Kathryn Northcut

Kathryn Dolan

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.