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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Fact Sheet:
Areas of Study: Applied Physics, Chemistry - Undergrad, Mathematics, Physical Sciences Disciplines Available (engineering or related field):: Architectural, Biological, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Computer Science, Construction, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Environmental, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Process, Structural, Transportation & Logistics
Program Description:

Independent Agreement: Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Ireland

cork river1
Cork Riverfront picture taken by student who was here in Spring 2018
Cork campus taken by student who was here in Spring 2018


Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) is a respected technological educational institution of international standing. Established in 1912, it has developed significantly over the years and has been recognized twice as the Sunday Times "Institute of Technology of the Year". 

CIT operates a vibrant innovation center which offers high potential for start-up businesses in Ireland. These start-up businesses provide a constant stream of opportunities for graduates and researchers who wish to engage with new technologies and realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. S&T student who chose to study abroad at CIT would have a unique opportunity to witness technological innovation in the second home of many Silicon Valley tech start-ups such as EMC, IBM, VMware and Apple and others.



Cork Campus
Picture of Cork campus taken in Spring 2018
Cork Campus2
Picture of Cork campus taken by student in Spring 2018

CIT is comprised of two constituent Faculties and three constituent Colleges. The constituent Faculties are Engineering and Science; and Business and Humanities. The constituent Colleges are the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, the CIT Cork School of Music and the National Maritime College of Ireland.

Programs at the CIT Faculty of Engineering and Science Faculty:
•    Architecture
•    Chemical and Process Engineering
•    Construction
•    Mechanical. Biomedical and Manufacturing Engineering
•    School of Building and Civil Engineering
•    Applied Physics and Instrumentation
•    Chemistry
•    Mathematics
•    Physical Sciences
•    Center of Craft Studies
•    Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
•    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
•    Process, Energy and Transport Engineering
•    School of Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineering
•    Biological Sciences 
•    Computing
•    School of Science and Informatics 
For more details on the specific programs please visit CIT Engineering and Science and for details on the specific courses offered during a particular semester, please visit A-Z Listing of CAO Courses at CIT. 

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA and meeting course requirement prerequisite(s), if any, needed for a specific course.

Language of instruction at CIT is English. 

CIT does not have its own campus accommodation, though there are a number of new apartment complexes near the main Bishopstown campus of the Institute. 

Please visit the CIT Accommodation Office website for detailed information about suitable accommodation during your time at CIT. 

Academic credit 
For each semester of academic work completed abroad, you may earn up to 12 credit hours. Course credit transfers to S&T, but your grades will not appear on your S&T transcript and are not calculated into your grade point average. Courses abroad are recorded as a Pass or Fail and will shows an “ex” on your S&T transcript. Courses you pass will earn your credit hours toward your degree, but will not affect your GPA.
Although you will receive credits for successfully completed courses, you must work with your academic advisers to get approval for how the courses you take might fulfill specific degree requirements at S&T.



Cork Water
Picture taken by student of Cork water
Cork Boat
Picture taken by student of fishing boat

Why Study abroad in Ireland? 

•    Leading Global Companies at their doorstep
•    Entrepreneurial Society
•    Internationally Recognized Qualifications
•    Friendly, safe environment
•    English Speaking

Cork, one of Ireland's major cities, is noted as a center of entrepreneurship, business development and employment generation. Many international investors have established significant locations in Cork, resulting in the creation of specialist clusters in the life sciences, information technology, and agro-food sectors. Cork is the home of a vibrant information technology (IT) industry and is a significant location for EMC, IBM, VMware and Apple amongst others.

Cork Map


Combination of standard and program specific 
S&T Term S&T Application Deadline Program Start Program End
Spring October 1 January June
Academic Year March 1 August/September June
Fall March 1 August/September January


Applying to a study abroad program is the first step to a life-changing experience. Once you start your application to a study abroad program, you will have an electronic checklist to help you through the process. While there are several things to be done before you depart to study abroad, remember that we at the S&T study abroad office are here to guide you along the way! 
1.    If you don’t know which program you are interested in, please request an advising meeting with an S&T study abroad advisor to discuss the study abroad opportunities. The study abroad advisor would be able to make recommendations based on your academic and personal goals. After you know at least one program you would like to apply to, please start your application by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the program brochure.  

2.    If you have already spoken to a study abroad advisor and/or you know at least one program you would like to apply to, please start your application by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button on the program brochure. 

3.    Complete your application. There will be several documents that need to be completed for the application. While specific requirements vary by program, a typical application consists of the following: 

o    Material submissions - Printable forms which require signature form campus officials. Most material submissions could be uploaded to the online application, but some may require physical submission of materials. Such material submissions include: a copy of your unofficial transcript, financial planning worksheet, application for credit, etc. 

o    Signature Documents - Items that may be digitally sign (if you are over 18 years of age) to indicate your agreement and understanding.  Such a signature document is the assumption of risk and release. 

o    Recommendation Forms - You will have the option to request a recommendation letter from an S&T faculty or staff by entering their e-mail address. Recommendations may be submitted electronically by S&T faculty and staff. 

o    Application Questionnaires - Items that you complete and submit electronically. Such questionnaires include: emergency contact info, insurance information, application for the S&T Study Abroad scholarship, etc. 


Step by step instructions can be found at Applying to an Independent Agreement Program. 

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring Semester 2019 09/14/2018 10/15/2018 TBA TBA
Fall Semester 2019 02/15/2019 03/15/2019 TBA TBA